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What to do if your WhatsApp account gets hacked?

Showmetech shows you how to protect yourself from attacks on your WhatsApp account, and gives some tips if the attack has already occurred

A wave of attacks on users of the Whatsapp has caused inconvenience to brazilian users the platform. Using social engineering, fraudsters hijack social network users' accounts to request money from their contacts, impersonating the users themselves.

One of the ways used to capture victims is to use contact information available in ad sites buying and selling S $ and Free market. After that, the scam artist pretends to be an employee of the site and contacts the victim, requesting the code that was sent by SMS for effective registration. However, the victim does not realize that this is the code for account authentication of Whatsapp. Within minutes, your contacts start to receive messages asking for money to pay an urgent bill and, in goodwill, some end up depositing values ??for third parties.

This story has been repeated numerous times throughout the country, sometimes with some changes: the call may be offering tickets to a show, or invitations to an event. The common point: everyone requests the code sent by SMS. This is the code that the messaging application uses to verify your phone. To avoid inconvenience, we'll talk about how to protect yourself, and, if the attack was carried out, how to proceed to prevent further damage.

Protect yourself from attack

The main action to protect against an attack is to enable two-step authentication on your phone. It adds an extra layer of security, in which a additional code registered by you requested when authenticating the account on a new phone. This procedure is offered by several online services, and we have already explained how to enable this functionality.

If you receive any phone call requesting the code sent by SMS, stay alert! Never inform third parties of any type of code you receive by SMS. This is a social engineering: the estelionatrio knows that you are making an announcement to buy or sell, or that you are interested in certain types of events, and use this information in order to give credibility to the blow.

SMS WhatsappSMS sent by WhatsApp alerts that the code must not be shared

Along with SMS, the application also shows a message stating that your registration code was requested. If the message appears, take no action; if you have not activated 2-step verification, this would be an good opportunity.

The application shows a message when another device requests the registration code for your phone number

WhatsApp has been hacked! And now?

If you have not had time to activate 2-step verification, you need to agility for the containment of possible damages committed by the hustler. The person who delivered the blow has a very clear objective: request from your contacts any amount of money, using excuses like a bill that is late and you will not be able to pay, or an unforeseen event that you need to pay urgently.

The first step is to send an email directly to WhatsApp ((email protected)), writing in the body of the email ?Lost / Stolen: Please disable my account ?, also including the full number of your phone, including the international code, in the format +55 (XX) XXXXX-XXXX. Once this block is in effect, messages sent to your number will be stored, and when the account is recovered, it will be delivered to you. But be warned: the deadline for recovery of 30 days, from this the account will be permanently deleted.

Then, inform the as many of your contacts as possible that your account has been hacked. The estelionatrio relies on the kindness of people to help with a possible urgent problem, and fires bulk money orders. Even though you have suffered a blow, it is important to prevent people you trust from falling into the same blow, suffering losses of money.

It is also important to contact the Telephone operator informing that there was a coup, as the fraudster may have requested the blocking or transfer of his line using his personal data.

On the other hand, if you receive messages of someone you know asking for money for an emergency, be suspicious! The estelionatrio wants to sensitize those on the other side of the message, and tells stories in which needs seem real. If you receive any requests, try to phone (over the phone line, not via WhatsApp call) to the person who asked for the money to Confirm if true. In times of texting, it is worth talking like before to avoid being deceived.

Source: Cyclonis