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What if Siri could be controlled by the mind?

For those with more experience, it may be easy to remember the film "Scanners – Your Mind Can Destroy". That was the first thing that came to my mind when I came across the topic of this post!

Siri's operating system based on listening. After the user speaks, she processes the information and gives the results for the questions (after searching her vast database, with information from Apple itself and partners such as Yelp, Wolfram | Alpha, among others) or simply executes the requested action. And, it seems, Duane Cash, a senior iOS developer who works at Honda R&D, has managed to master Siri with his mind.

This is one of my initial tests using a brainwave reading device to control some of Siri's personalized functions on an iPhone. For the first speech recognition segment I wave my hand over the device to activate Siri. During the next parts, I use EEG mental commands to control the iPhone and open a map, open and close a menu with Siri voice feedback.

I am not an expert to confirm the veracity of the video. But he impresses, that we cannot deny!

All done via a brain control device that was developed by Cash. Siri has also received some changes to be compatible with the accessory. For that, Cash used a custom API, responsible for translating EEG signals (electroencephalography) into real commands.

As you can see in the video, the project is still in its embryonic stage, we see, for example, that he had to repeat the same command a few times in order for Siri to understand it. Only that does not take away the merits of Cash, since the invention opens the doors of our imagination to what may come next. Have you ever wondered if Apple embraces this idea and decides to invest in something similar? If she?s not already doing this in her labs

But the cool thing about all of this is that human creativity has no limits!

(via SlashGear)