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Uber announces feature to favor in-app drivers | Productivity

Favored drivers will only be notified when there is a car request with a marked day and time. Only professionals selected by the user and who have also given a five star rating the last time they transported the passenger will be alerted. In the United States, Uber is asking drivers to pay special attention now to release the profile as a potential favorite on future trips.

Updating the drivers app will pass a similar test. The changes are backed by the claims of partners working in the transport service. The expectation that the driver will have more freedom to decide whether or not to accept the trip, whether in Black, UberX or Pool mode.

In addition to detailed information about the race and the amount to be received after deductions from Uber, the professional can refuse calls without impact on the Uber Pro points program. Cancellations made in cases of insecurity or when the user does not appear will also not impact the status account.