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SSD: know which type is right for you

Nowadays, having an SSD on your computer is practically a requirement for a good user experience. We teach you to choose the best model for you!

Are you thinking of changing your old one HD for one SSD? This makes sense, since a faster type of storage can increase the performance of PCs and notebooks. Now, you have several models of this part and not necessarily the one with the highest price and speed is the best for you.

In this article, we explain everything about storage SSDs and we help you choose the ideal one for you.

SATA SSDs Express (SATAe)

A storage that has a connector SATA Express comes with technology that can reach a speed of up to 10 GB / s, or Gigabytes per second. It has a hybrid connection and consists of two internal drives, which helps to make this power possible.

O SATA Express compatible with SATA standard 3, 2 and 1, in addition to serving as a connection for PCI inputs Express the plate me. It is worth mentioning that there are no limitations regarding the transfer speed.

Since this technology consists of making two drives work together, it is possible to add two hard drives (HDs) and thus deliver better performance. Something similar to RAID, a technique that makes the system faster and safer.

This type of SSD allows the insertion of two storageThis type of SSD allows the insertion of two storage

To get an idea of ??how fast this guy, you can access the lines PCI Express of the motherboard by plugging in two common storage (SSD / HD) or using a single connector SATAe which fits into the three inputs, accessing the 4-pin connector. This can cause speeds to reach unprecedented values.

The maximum speed that the standard supports is 1580MB / s, since the speed of use will depend more on the SSD. If, for example, storage is designed to work at maximum speeds of 500MB / s, it would make little sense to connect it to a SATA Express in relation to SATA III, since it has no problems with any of the connections.

Sata Express SSD modelModel is not so cheap, but investment will not be lost

It would be like an unnecessary acceleration, but the new SSDs currently released go beyond the maximum band quietly. So it makes sense to access PCI Express only if there are no limits that can be exceeded.

O SSD Sata Express it should only be used if you had good capital to invest in this type of storage, as it is not so cheap. In a quick search on the internet, we managed to find prices that reached R $, oo. Another relevant point is the space that needs to be arranged for this new part in your case / notebook.

It is not one of the slowest models, but the price and the solution of finding space are still relevant in deciding whether to buy or not.


One of the features of having a SSD with SATA M.2 It is possible to have a larger storage, as it supports a larger amount of memory. Nowadays, we have available M.2 SSDs with 2 TB, something is impossible a while ago.

Space problems have also been solved, as this type of storage is well small. We must not forget that it can also transfer data quickly, and all without the need for a power cable or data auxiliary.

M.2 SATA SSDExtremely small SSD model

O M.2 It has 10GB / s speed, the same as that of SATA Express. With the release of PCI-Express 4.0, product speeds with these technologies are expected to double.

There is no need for a controller just for these standards, because now the technologies are supported natively – this modification helps to reduce prices and eliminates the difficulty of entering the market – the connection M.2 also more accessible.

As time went by, this technology became cheaper, and many computer companies started using the M.2 on their high-end motherboards, and even on the intermediate ones.

Another positive point is the size that these SSDs have, since these models only four sizes: 42mm, 60mm, 80mm and 110mm.

Some companies may launch larger models, but that would only be necessary if the justification was to offer more constrained drives, and obviously more memory.

M.2 SATA SSDYou can use this type of SSD on your notebook peacefully

Another positive point is the support for AHCI and NVM-Express, two logical interfaces. As it supports the Advanced Host Controller Interface, it is possible that SSDs M.2 be compatible with "past" software, older OS and with past generations, not leaving aside motherboards and other SATA drives.

NVMe support provides better use of high speeds from a PCIe connector, while also allowing the computer to perform multiple tasks at the same time.

This model can also transfer smoothly at least 1GB / s, but everything will depend on where you are sending the files. It does not help if you can transfer all that amount at the same time, and the receiving storage cannot receive all of this at once.

But it is not a bad purchase, as there are improvements in the performance of the machine in which it is installed, be it a PC or notebook, since it has small measurements.

The price is also very inviting, and we can find a SSD M.2 being sold at around R $ 600.00. This type of storage is very cost-effective.

PCI Express SSD

There are many storage SSDs that connect to the PCI Express slots, but use the standard mentioned above, SATA M.2. This card is an adapter, but there are stores that can connect to PCI Express directly, without a "support" bridge. what about models from Intel series 750.

O Samsung XP941 a reading speed of up to 1,400 MB / s can be reached, but there are stores that reach 2,400 MB / s. Citing the speed of writing, it is possible that this type of SSD reach 1,200MB / s. Enough to work without the famous ?choking?.

But if the speed is absurd, it is unfortunately not so cheap. These models can be useful for different occasions, but they cannot be purchased for less than 5,000 reais. It seems that the high price has not yet contributed to the popularization of this product. There are also few motherboards that have compatibility for this type of storage.

PCI Express SSDSpeed ??on this high model, but size and price are problems

Undoubtedly a spectacular product, but it is worth the investment only if you consider it necessary, and accept the price with ease. It is also important to check if your motherboard is compatible with this type of storage.

NVMe (Non Volatile Memory Express)

Often confused as a pattern of SSDs, NVMe is actually a kind of interface. Focused on increasing the performance of SSD, access times to files are much shorter. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to use the speed of PCI Express to access the fastest hardware.

Explanation NVMeCheck a chart of reading files, where the bigger bars represent the speed. Source: PCWorld

important to note that in priority this function to decrease the transfer speeds, and yes reduce O access time. Thus, the reading of files faster. This is only possible because NVMe was designed to take advantage of what is called superior random access (reading and writing data), which is very common in SSDs. It is possible that this technology also appears not only in SSDs, but also in new technologies such as MRAM and RRAM.

But after all, is it worth choosing an SSD just for speed?

Obviously we all want faster storage, but there are also many factors that still need to be taken into account. Firstly, the space you will have to find for new storage. If you use a PC you have a minor problem, but if you use a notebook, you will be lacking space depending on the model you choose.

The model PCI Express SSD O faster we mentioned in that list, but one of the least accessible in terms of price and size. Another model that we can think of buying the SATA Express, but it is also not so relevant if we look at the price of a unit.

Photo where several types of SSD storage are togetherChanging storage is an important step, think carefully before doing it

If you are determined to change the storage model, it is worth thinking about buying the SSD with SATA M.2, which is smaller in size than its "bigger brothers", and the price is also quite affordable. But think about moving to a class above traditional SSDs, as the current models still do a good job, and there are modifications that boost the speed of storage.

At Amazon, a partner of Showmetech, there are several models that do not exceed R $ 1,000.00, and they are all great substitutes for your HD old. The SSD 500GB Kingston A2000, for example, one of the best intermediate SSDs and costing R $ 580.00. We reviewed it recently; check it out below:

But if you want more storage, you can choose Intel 660p 2TB which has four times more memory than the first option we mentioned in the paragraph above. He's leaving for R$ 1,513 in Check out our review:

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