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Smaller version of the “new” Apple TV A5 chip is still manufactured by Samsung

Over the weekend we commented on the ?new? model of Apple TV with an A5 processor even smaller than that found in previous versions of the set-top box. In the article, we said that he would probably use a 28 nanometer manufacturing process and that, if that were really hot, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) could be its manufacturer.

However, Chipworks analyzed the chip and brought some confirmations. Yes, it is actually much smaller than the previous ones, but it is still manufactured by Samsung. Apparently it is not an easy task for Apple to find a replacement, rumors even place Intel as a vacant candidate.

Comparison of A5 chips

A5 chip comparison: old left and new right.

However, they were unable to confirm the chip manufacturing process. In addition, it is not clear what are Apple's plans for this processor. Taking into account that Apple TV does not have a high volume production (as iGadgets), it is unlikely that the company created this chip just for itself. The most plausible idea now that we will see this A5 in some other product, like future iPod touch or even, who knows, a low-cost iPhone.

Remember the A5 manufactured in the 32 nanometer process? It was tested on Apple TVs and the remaining iPad 2 and then used on the iPad mini and fifth-generation iPod touch. That is, nothing by chance

Chipworks also works with the thesis that this processor could be Apple's ?plan B?. The Cupertino firm could still have plans to abandon Samsung in favor of TSMC, but if something goes wrong with the new partner or if it is unable to meet high demand, the South Korean would still be there.

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(via MacRumors)