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Sleep monitoring app for Apple Watch now detects and tries to prevent snoring

Delayed! O Sleep Cycle, famous sleep monitoring app for iOS (with smart alarm, complete analysis, healthy recommendations and more) has just won a version for Apple Watch with a excellent resource for those who snore.

The idea of ??these sleep monitoring apps is that the person reloads the clock just before going to sleep (and / or maybe right after waking up), so that they can use it at night. Although, at least in my case here with the Series 3, his battery has lasted two full days easily.

The promise of Sleep Cycle is not only to detect snoring, how to emit small vibrations in the person's arm so that he does not wake up, but almost involuntarily changes his position and thereby stops snoring. The bed partner thanks you. ?

As to whether this promise will be fulfilled to the satisfaction, we will have to test to find out. Or rather: you can help us with this! Anyone who will test it, then comment below what they thought of the experience.

The idea, in itself, seems sensational.

Sleep Cycle app icon: smart alarm clock

via MacRumors

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