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Samsung Ambassador uses iPhone X in public and gets sued! [atualizado: ou não]

O iPhone X it may (or could) be expensive nonsense, but I guarantee that no one has ever spent in the history of humanity R $ 6 million because of him. So far, as the Mirror.

Ksenia Sobchak is a Russian politician and celebrity, known for opposing the government of Vladimir Putin (despite being named as possible godson of the president) and for presenting some reality shows in the largest country in the world. Recently, socialite caused controversy by appearing in an interview using an iPhone X which of course would have no problem if she wasn?t an ambassador for Apple?s mainstream.

Russian Ambassador of Samsung using iPhone X in publicOops!

Sobchak one of the main ?faces? of Samsung in Russia, with a millionaire contract to market South Korean smartphones in the country. These contracts normally prevent celebrities from being seen using public competition devices, under the penalty of a very large fine that was the consequence of the whole story.

Samsung is now suing the policy for breach of contract, requiring 108 million rubles (approximately R $ 6.2 million) apparently, far more than Sobchak was paid to represent the brand in Russia. The worst is to say that she was not aware of the dangers of using an iPhone X in public: during the interview, the socialite I tried all the time to hide the device with a sheet of paper (which obviously did not work).

Neither Samsung nor representatives of Sobchak commented on the matter and the lawsuit must still run for some time before any decision is issued.

This is not the first (nor will it be the last) time that we see someone who shouldn't be using an Apple device.

Sneha has become our brand ambassador. ?

You could at least ask her to put the iPhone aside during the appearance on the stage and in the publicity photos.

Happy to bring @Palm back and share everything we've been working on since day 1!

I'm glad he sent this (the tweet) on your iPhone. #oops

There are countless reports of sponsored celebrities, executives or even the brands themselves slipping into image control, and the infamous ?Twitter for iPhone? message should awaken nightmares among marketers worldwide. Certainly, however, we are talking here about the most costly case so far. What a situation, huh ?!

via AppleInsider

Update 10/25/2018 s 14:10

Apparently, Sobchak can keep his rich buck wherever it is kept. THE Samsung denied that he would be suing the policy, claiming that all allegations are nothing but rumors.

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