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Orkut Android app gains access to communities

This Friday, Google Brazil announced a great new feature for Android users and Orkut lovers: the social network application has received an update and now brings support to communities, allowing users to follow and interact in discussions, from anywhere .

The company also announced some news in its web version, for access via computer, by bringing a page dedicated to ?organizing all your communities? that provides a simple way to view all pending member requests and the possibility to stop being member of any community in which he participates.

?For moderators, this is also a community management center where they can approve or reject pending members. We reformulated the approval process and it is now possible to approve all pending members of a community at once, with a single click ?, explained Luis Pereira and Diogo Kropiwiec, Google engineers.

And it doesn't end there. Google took advantage of the moment to release to all users some implementations that were being observed in the last weeks.

  • Modern and smart design with new community profile, which may include videos
  • With the automatic update of new responses, topics have now become great chat rooms! In the most accurate update pages to see the most recent responses, they appear automatically
  • One click just to quickly answer topics and polls
  • Do you want to comment on a specific answer from a topic? Just use ?Quote? to make your comment more clear and simple
  • Express your opinion by liking a topic. In doing so, you can use up to 11 different emoticons – plus discover some other hidden emoticons ;-]
  • Follow all of your favorite communities and see all new topics in one place: never miss a topic again!
  • See who's writing: profile pictures on topics, polls and responses
  • Colorful and fun visualization of poll results
  • Owners and moderators have also gained improvements to manage communities and now have the ability to close a topic with an unwanted discussion or reopen it later

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