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Opera's free VPN service for iOS and Android will be discontinued later this month

Those who celebrated with the news that Opera I was implementing a VPN on your browser and, mainly, when the service was launched as an iOS app, I will not like what I will talk about next.

Olaf - Opera VPN

According to an own company page, the Free VPN for iOS and Android be discontinued by Opera from the day April 30th.

Opera VPN was one of the few services in this category that was offered free of charge and with no traffic limit. A negative point of the program is that the information and navigation data were passed on to third-party companies, according to the maxim that, when we don't pay for something, * we * become the product (Facebook, I'm looking at you).

Despite not disclosing the reason for abrupt discontinuation, the company emphasizes that it will not let its customers down and announced that all users of the version Opera Gold I will have the opportunity to redeem one year of subscription to the program SurfEasy Ultra VPN.

The service indicated by the company has unlimited use on up to five devices, can be accessed from up to 28 regions and has a very restricted user data usage policy. In addition, the browser is available on more platforms than Opera VPN, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and on Amazon devices. Although positive, after the first year users will have to pay US $ 78 for the SurfEasy service, much more expensive than the annual US $ 30 charged by SurfEasy. Opera Gold.

The company reports that even users who are not subscribers to the plan Opera Gold will have access to a discount of 80% for the monthly subscription plan, SurfEasy is charged $ 4 via the latest version of the iOS and Android app.

Obviously, SurfEasy is only the indication of Opera at this time of migration for its users. Anyone who still wants / needs to continue using a VPN, can opt for any service available on the market. Rafael Fischmann, for example, an assiduous and very satisfied user of ExpressVPN.

Finally, in the note, the company thanks for all the support over the years, and apologizes for any inconvenience that the change may cause. Really, a pity

via PCWorld

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