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IPhone XR delivery time jumps to 1-2 weeks in different regions

After keeping your stock stable during the first pre-sale weekend, the shipping time of the iPhone XR has now been changed.

iPhone Xr white front and rear

This means that American customers and many other countries where the device is already being marketed will no longer put their hands on the XR next Friday, if the device is purchased now. The good news is that waiting time is not to tall like this: in general, Apple will deliver the new 6.1 ? model in 1-2 weeks in most regions.

Delivery time of white iPhone XR in the American Apple Online StoreDelivery time of white iPhone XR in the American Apple Online Store

In certain locations, certain colors and specific capabilities are still available depending on the chosen operator. Fetch the gadget on the Apple Store (pickup) is also no longer available for purchases made today from the Apple website or Apple's app, the company probably took this option off to keep the device in stock on the day of launch.

As we reported yesterday, the iPhone XR is selling well and, until then, had no problems with stock in most countries except with the yellow 128GB model from T-Mobile, which sold out in less than an hour.

Some major US retailers, such as Best Buy, are also selling the iPhone XR and, depending on the model, have the device in stock for delivery on the day of launch for purchases made online.

Do you intend to purchase the iPhone XR or have you already secured one? If so, which color / capacity did you choose or intend to buy?

via MacRumors