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Four-digit password-protected iPhone can be unlocked in 6 minutes by devices like GrayKey

Now that GrayKey won the world (or at least the United States), the question "How do you protect your phone?" has returned to the heads and mouths of smartphone users worldwide with full strength.

Okay, the likelihood that our mobile devices will be intercepted by police forces as evidence for investigating crimes is not the greatest, but, in any case, it is always good to remember the importance of configuring strong and secure access codes for maximum peace of mind in any whatever the situation.

With that in mind, cryptographer and professor Matthew Green of the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute made a calculation to determine the maximum time it takes for solutions like GrayKey to unlock an iPhone based on the length of the password used to protect the device. As the Motherboard, the difference guess what stark:

Guide estimating the time to circumvent iOS passwords (assuming the password is a random numeric code and there is a exploit to break the delay of attempts):

4 digits: 13 minutes maximum (6.5 minutes on average) 6 digits: 22.2 hours maximum (11.1 hours on average) 8 digits: 92.5 days maximum (46 days on average) 10 digits: 9,259 days maximum (4,629 days on average)

We tweets Subsequent, Green affirmed his decision to make the calculation based only on numeric passwords: according to the researcher, the iOS interface practically encourages the user to create exclusively decimal codes, with the large and attractive numeric keyboard contrasting with the ?traditional? keyboard and more slow if you choose an alphanumeric password. If your password has letters, symbols and numbers, the counts above go up quite naturally.

In addition, Green's calculations are based on the minimum password attempt time set out in the official iOS guides, and there is no way of knowing whether GrayKey (and any other obscure methods of unlocking iGadgets that exist for a) manages to reach that speed. The fact that, yes, iPhones are being unlocked, so the black box serves something.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to reinforce the reminder that a longer password is your security guarantee. Researchers heard by Motherboard recommend an alphanumeric code, preferably with uppercase / lowercase letters and symbols in the middle, of at least seven characters, and you can further increase this number to make your device basically impenetrable.

In times when you can, in the vast majority of situations, unlock your device with the tip of your finger or even your face, there are no more excuses for not adding that extra layer of protection even though, at times, it represents a certain inconvenience.

via MacRumors