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Concept shows new iPad Pro with Face ID and USB-C connector

On 30/10 (Tuesday of next week) we will have one more Apple special event which awaits the arrival of new iPads and, who knows, news related to Macs (Mac mini, iMac and MacBook are in need of a renovation, after all).

This period ends up messing with the bravery of designers around the world, who imagine how such products would be based on the rumors they have already painted around the world. And that is exactly what Viktor Kdr made by gathering almost all the latest news that should be implemented in the Apple tablet with the concept below.


I say "almost all" because, for what they've been throbbing for, the 10.5 ? iPad Pro can leave the scene, giving way to a new 11 ? model in which that makes a big difference for such a visual concept as of Kdr. In addition, the designer chose to move the Smart Connector to the back of the iPad even though rumors cover this, there are theories that Apple will keep the Smart Connector on the side of the tablet, putting some other technology there on the back of the gadget.

In addition, we have here an iPad Pro with a great use of screen thanks to the Face ID, USB-C connector instead of Lightning, three color options, an on / off button moved to the side and, apparently, nothing 3.5mm audio output.

What did you think?

via Cult of Mac

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