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Bug in the new MacBooks Pro with Retina display can make your fans turn on unnecessarily

Buying a MacBook Pro with Retina display in Brazil is not an easy task, and even so, it costs nothing to have all the information about these machines before deciding whether or not to buy one.

As we report here in MacMagazine, Apple recently updated some of these machines. However, some many users of these new MacBooks Pro (manufactured in early 2013) are complaining about a problem related to laptop fans.

MacBook Pro interior with 15-inch Retina display

The video below shows exactly what happens: in some cases, fans can increase the speed to a potentially harmful level, regardless of the computer's temperature.

The fault of all this from Samsung. Just kidding, kidding! Apparently, the switch from Samsung to SanDisk to supply SSDs that is causing this spike in fans. That's because the new solid state drives (solid-state drives) would be generating a conflict in their management.

Everything indicates that it is a software problem that can be easily corrected through an SMC update (system management controller, or controller management system), so there is no cause for major concern.

Remembering that the problem only affects the new MacBook Pro models (Early 2013). It remains to be seen, now, when Apple releases a correction.

(via AppleInsider)