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Brazilian gets emotional when he hears the laugh of his late grandmother in iPhone Live Photos

That's the kind of story that Apple loves. And not least: they show how technology, that is, the resources available in our hands, can present us with simple and unimaginable things. The report was shared by the user vini_1914, on Reddit.

The Brazilian said it all started on February 19, when his 87-year-old grandmother (who has always been an inspiration to him) passed away after fighting depression for a few months. She was Italian and had to hide in the mountains during World War II; during this period, he came to Brazil and got married.

Since last December, they knew that her time was running out and, therefore, everyone (he, the bride, mother and sisters) did everything to make her totally comfortable and enjoy this period as much as possible. They got the family together every weekend, prepared everything she liked, took lots of pictures of everyone and tried to demonstrate how much she was loved.

But the inevitable happened ten days after Vinicius' birthday.

Since that happened, I lost my strength, didn't want to get out of bed, stayed in your old room for a long time and started taking anti-depressants.

Last week, his sister went home and they both started sharing photos of her and he ended up taking some he didn't have. Like many of us, he ends up making the iPhone silent. However, on this day, the device was not muted and, as everyone in the family has an iPhone, most of the photographs are actually Live Photos. When he touched one of them surprise! Sound! More than that: your dear grandmother, laughing.

It was the first time that he actually smiled in those two months. She was so happy and enjoying that day that she couldn't stop watching this little video and the others she was talking about.

As Vinicius had heard that Tim Cook answers some emails sent, decided to send one to the Apple CEO with this story, thanking him for the sound that is recorded on Live Photo and explaining how much it meant to him.

Tim Cook's message to Brazilian


I'm sorry loss of your grandmother.

Thank you for sharing your deeply inspiring story for us.


And here's the tip, for those who didn't know it: Live Photos have sound. So maybe you have a good surprise on your iPhone. If you want to know more about the feature, it is worth reading this article; already in this other, we show how to apply some new effects of Live Photos on iOS 11. ?

tip from Luis Fernando Caiado