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Apple sued for flaws in some MacBook Pro displays with Retina display

Apple just released an update that fixes some problems with MacBooks Pro with Retina display, but one of them continues to bother certain users: burn-in. The name given to the effect that appears when an image is shown for a long time on a screen, thus leaving a mark. Plasma TVs and some LCD TVs, for example, suffered a lot from this. And, as we already talked about here MacMagazine, some MBPs with a Retina display equipped with LG displays also face the problem.

The video below shows the problem well:

According to Law360, Beau Hodges was very upset about this and went further, opening a collective action against Apple in California. He claims that consumers have no way of knowing, at the time of purchase, which MacBooks Pro use LG displays. Hodges seeks damages in the specified for everyone who bought these MacBooks Pro.

Unlike the little window problem, this one cannot be fixed by a simple software update. If you have a MacBook Pro with this flaw, the way to look for assistance and try to change the screen of preference while the machine is still under warranty!

(via 9to5Mac)