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Apple opens the FoundationDB code, which it acquired in 2015

In March 2015, Apple confirmed the acquisition of FoundationDB, a company specialized in fast and durable NoSQL databases. Today, it probably already uses this technology in several of its online services, mainly iCloud.

Logo - FoundationDB

Today, just over three years later, Apple officially announced the opening of the FoundationDB code on GitHub. She also published a complete documentation of the platform there.

"We believe that FoundationDB can become the foundation for the next generation of distributed databases," says Apple in the post. ?Since its beginnings in 2010, as a startup, the database world has increasingly aligned itself with FoundationDB for the sake of data consistency. ?

FoundationDB's main focuses are performance, scalability and fault tolerance. With it, large-scale projects can easily distribute data across clusters of servers quickly and cheaply to maintain.

Interested parties can search for more information and exchange stickers about FoundationDB in their official forum.

via AppleInsider