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↪ Dropbox web interface and apps (iOS coming soon) now support our language! [atualizado]

As well as the web interface, Dropbox for Mac (version 1.6.18 2.0; free; 23.3MB), Windows and Android today won a fully Portuguese version of Brazil and the iOS version will arrive soon. To celebrate, the company created a very nice infographic showing some interesting data about the service in our country. Check out! (The Dropbox Blog)

Dropbox Infographic

(tip Dih Padilha, via Tecnoblog)


Dropbox 2.0 for Mac

Shortly after releasing version 1.6.18, Dropbox made version 2.0 (free; 27.4MB) of its app available to OS X. It gained a new design (which has been in testing since last November) and real-time notifications that make it easier to view folders / files / links shared with you. In addition, the new app has a modified file timeline and an update status bar. great update! (The Dropbox Blog)

(via MacStories)