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There is a website that proposes to teach something new every day and only takes five minutes of your time

Learning something new every day in a practical and fast way. this is the proposal of the Highbrow website, which, for this, gives you a choice from more than 300 topics of the courses that are sent to your email, covering the areas of technology, science or marketing.

Offering to provide "simple ways for people to learn something new in less time than it takes to drink coffee", the platform offers courses lasting ten days, always with the same reading time. The goal is that in five daily minutes read the content developed by the experts and that you have, in fact, acquired new knowledge.

How to program the game "Snake", the scientists who changed the world and a brief history of the universe are some themes of the courses. Still, there is also room for more "informal" topics, such as the recipe to be more productive or, for example, to be more confident in yourself.


Before choosing each lesson, you have access to a short summary of what you can count and the number of students who finished the course. In addition, the platform also shows the percentage of students who recommend the classes in question, with the final usually ending with a test or quizz, and the teacher who developed the lesson.

The site offers 30 free days, but after that, you will have to pay a monthly subscription. Currently it is worth four dollars, but if you prefer, you can always choose to enroll as a teacher and instead earn money through the platform.

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