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Spotify will release some features of its premium service for users of the free version

If you use the free version of Spotify, will like the news presented today by the company's head of research and development, Gustav Sderstrm. According to the announcement, the new version of the service will allow users of the free version of the service to have access to some functions until then only available to subscribers premium.

The change for customers of the free version of the application is in the number of unlimited reproductions that the user can listen to. For these, it will be possible to make streaming without limits of more or less 750 songs present in 15 playlists more popular including ?Findings of the Week?. There are over 40 hours of playback that can be listened to as many times as you want and when you want by the user.

In addition, another function available only in the paid version that was released in the version freemium of the service deals with music recommendations based on playlists of users. The function dubbed ?playlist assisted "means, essentially, that the program indicates other tracks of the user's taste every time he is adding music to a certain playlist.

The application also has an option in the settings of reduce data consumption, which can help to reduce Spotify's internet usage by up to 75%. The new function is accompanied by other changes in the elements of the graphical interface, further optimizing the operation of the app and reducing data consumption, especially important in countries like Brazil, whose cellular data plans are still very limited and expensive. It is worth noting that the option of listening to music offline remains available only to paid subscribers.

The news announced today in New York for the free version of the app was already expected, considering that this form of service is the main gateway for Spotify paid users, about 90 million users do not pay, and should be released to everyone ?in next weeks ?.

Now your turn to answer, Apple Music.

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via TechCrunch