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Samsung creates magnetic hinge for foldable smartphones

Samsung has registered a patent for magnetic folding made especially for foldable smartphones. The website Patently Mobile he was the first to notice the records and shared the images, it is possible to note the hinges highlighted with several specifications detailed in the official document.

The patent also fully describes a smartphone, citing usability for a foldable. According to the Gizmochina, It is possible to conclude that the two parts of the device are closer to each other with this new type of hinge. Another objective of this approach to the hinges is to make them less visible to the user, offering a unique experience and minimizing the appearance of two distinct parts. With this change, the design of the cell phone can be more user friendly, something that can catch the attention of potential customers.

Despite the still high price and the fact that they are not popular, foldable phones offer portability and twice the screen of a conventional device, something interesting for several features and that allows it to be more portable than a tablet, for example. With constant investments from the smartphone giants, these devices may someday be more accessible.

Supposed photo of Galaxy Fold 2 appears Galaxy S11 could be called Galaxy S20

Samsung was a pioneer with its Galaxy Fold foldable smartphone, even though it came with a big problem involving its screen and its folding scheme. Thinking of continuing its investments in the type of technology, the South Korean continues to present related innovations. Chinese companies are also eyeing foldable phones, Huawei being one of them, preparing the Huawei Mate Xs, which recently had two rumors involving its name. He would have received a certificate for 65W fast charging and would have a launch date scheduled for the second half of 2020.

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