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Royole presents smart speaker with display that surrounds the gadget

The Chinese manufacturer Royole presented the first smart speaker on the market with a screen that surrounds almost the entire circumference of the gadget. This allows you to have the best of both worlds: a smart speaker in a traditional cylindrical shape while having a screen to display additional information. The device is called Royole Mirage Smart Speaker.


Device also has fast charging, reaches 50% charge in 30 minutes

Typically, smart speakers need to have a different shape, more like a tablet, to bring screens. the case for devices like the Google Home Hub and the newly announced Amazon Echo Show 8.

The Mirage has a screen AMOLED 8-inch, which is completely flexible and touch-sensitive. It can be used to skip to the next song or adjust the volume of the device. In addition, Royole will use the device's screen to implement wallpapers and differentiated views.

Source: Royole

As the site The Verge points out, it is not clear what the quality of the speaker Royole will be implementing on your device. The company does not have much expertise in this audio market, but said the gadget features "full range drivers" and a "passive bass radiator".

Royole's intelligent speaker equipped with artificial intelligence powered voice assistant Amazon Alexa. It also has two far-field microphones to capture the user's voice. The company's gadget also has a 5MP camera, but the company has not explained what it will be used for. In any case, the company implemented a physical switch to cover the camera manually.

Source: Royole

The Royole Mirage Smart Speaker will be launched in the second quarter of 2020 (between April and June). The internet of things gadget will cost US $ 899 (R $ 3,647 in direct conversion) in international markets.

Also taking advantage of CES 2020, Royole announced its RoWrite 2 smart notebook. It can be paired with an app for mobile devices that allows the user to save and share their notes. The company's promise is that the new generation model will be 40% lighter than its predecessor and that it will have eight hours of battery life.

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