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Retina display of MacBooks Pro loses the title of highest resolution in notebooks and Apple changes the machine's slogan

Last year, when Apple finally brought the screens to a high resolution (aka Retina) for its line of notebooks, a somewhat striking phrase was repeated several times and became the slogan of the then launch of Ma: ?The world?s highest resolution? in clear Portuguese, "The highest resolution".

Soon after, when presenting the smaller and more accessible version of the same model, the screen was classified as the second highest resolution. In this way, the MacBook Pro line had both the title of "first" and "second" highest resolution and everything looked great.

MacBook Pro Retina slogan

However, we live in a highly fast and technological world, and competitors would not let it go cheap; they would act as quickly as possible to take the title of Apple. In the past few weeks, Google has introduced the Chromebook Pixel, a computer that, unlike the MacBook Pro with Retina display, doesn?t exactly target the most professional audience, but those who want to have a very clear screen but still with reasonable hardware.

Chromebook Pixel

In addition to having 4.3 million pixels on a 12.85 inch screen (239ppi more than the 220-227ppi of MacBooks Pro Retina), the Google notebook has another differential: a touch screen. Particularly, I hate this type of interaction because I believe that it does not work very well on computer screens, since we have to stick with an outstretched opinion that Apple also shares.

I am a happy owner of a 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina and I have a huge problem with marks on the screen from accidental touches. Imagine if she was touch?! In addition, the trackpad more than enough for this type of interaction, in my opinion.

Still, it is worth remembering that ?Retina screen? is not just about the number of pixels and resolution, but a name used / registered by Apple that describes a whole context of image quality (contrasts, saturation, etc.) and present technologies that together form one of the best screens we know.

It seems that the war of numbers previously present in the world of digital cameras has migrated to the resolution of screens, whether from smartphones or computers. However, as in the dispute for who has more megapixels, having a screen with a higher resolution does not necessarily mean having the best screen. The rule here is the same as always: stop by a store and try to get your hands on these machines, comparing the quality and seeing if the reality matches what is announced.

The Chromebook Pixel is not yet marketed in Brazil, but Apple has already tried to change the MacBook Pro website by excluding messages that addressed resolution superiority.

(via 9to5Mac)