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Problems installing Windows using Boot Camp? Learn how to solve a series of them!

The latest update to Mountain Lion, OS X 10.8.3, brought support for Mac users who intend to install Windows 8 on Apple computers. This is possible thanks to Boot Camp 5, the version that offers drivers required for installing the Microsoft operating system.

iMac running Windows

However, there are some pornstars: Boot Camp Assistant 5 * is not * compatible with all Mac models. And more: the same goes for those who want to install Windows 7, too.

Check out the models of Macs that support Windows 8:

  • MacBook Air (mid 2011 or later).
  • MacBook Pro (mid 2010 or later).
  • Mac Pro (early 2009 or later).
  • Mac mini (mid 2011 or later).
  • iMac (27 inch, mid 2010, mid 2011 or higher).

In addition, installing Windows 8 minimally requires an external drive (pendrive or HDD) with 8GB (to install downloaded drives), 2GB of RAM, 20GB (for those who are installing Windows for the first time) or 40GB (for those who are upgrading) disk space, plus, of course, a copy of Windows 8 itself.

Below, some links to support articles with known problems arising from the installation as they are very recent articles, Apple has not yet translated them into Portuguese:

For those who are starting in the Apple world, what Boot Camp does is to partition the drive so that it is possible to install Windows 8 or earlier versions of the most famous system in the world. Speaking of previous views, Ma today released the Boot Camp Support Software 5.0.5033 (553.6MB), which contains Windows 7 drivers for users who already want to install this version of the Microsoft OS on their Macs.

For the most frequently asked questions and answers about installing Windows 8 on Macs, check out this Apple support page (in English).

(tip from Adonai Cndido)

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