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Pling Messenger is a beautiful voice messenger for Macs and iPhones / iPods touch

As soon as I caught my eye on Pling Messenger, I liked what I saw for two simple reasons: he is a messenger entirely based on voice messages and has a beautiful interface.

Pling Messenger is a voice messenger push-to-talk that helps people to communicate quickly and naturally. Send messages to individuals or groups with the brevity of a text message and the personality of a human voice.

Pling Messenger for OS X

For those who spend the whole day sitting in front of the computer, like me, the idea of ??the service does not allow the workflow to be disrupted, since with Pling you can quickly send audio messages to individuals or groups of people, reducing the amount unnecessary emails and / or phone calls.

The Mac version works on the OS X menu bar. By clicking on it, the app shows your conversation history. To start a conversation, add a contact and then press the microphone icon while speaking. When finished, release the button. Ready. Did you notice that you said a big mistake in the middle of the message and want to cancel the sending? Just take your mouse off the microphone.

Pling Messenger for iOS

The operation of the app for iPhones / iPods touch is basically the same, only that it is fully adapted to the touch-sensitive interface, of course. For those on the street, it fits perfectly in those moments when the eye cannot be on the iPhone screen (driving, crossing the street, riding a bicycle, among many other situations).

If the recipient is not registered with the service, it is possible to send the link to the message, which is hosted on the Pling servers and accessible via the website, by email. For the future, they want to add the ability to attach documents and send other types of media, making Pling a lot bigger than a voice messenger.

If your interest is business, Pling provides customized groups with ease of user administration, audio encryption, analysis, file sharing and soon, as I said, file sharing, in addition to integration with other social apps.

The competition exists and it will not be easy for Pling to debunk the already known Voxer, TalkBox and even with WhatsApp Messenger, which has this voice messaging feature. But it is undeniable that the app's interface and availability on Macs is a strong point in the face of competition.

Does it mesh?

Pling Messenger icon for OS XPling

Free | 25.1 MB | requires OS X 10.7 or higher. Compatible with 64-bit Macs.Developer: DE-DE.

Big Badge / Button Available on the Mac App Store

Pling Messenger icon for iOSPling Messenger

Free | 10.9 MB | requires iOS 5.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhones / iPods touch.Developer: DE-DE.

Big Badge / Button - Available on the App Store

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