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Opera and Vivaldi browsers get updates with good news

The likelihood that you are reading this post using Chrome or Safari is quite high, after all, today they represent 93% of all accesses made to the MacMagazine and they also dominate web browsing as a whole. Firefox also still has a certain representation, but small.

Still, there are two other excellent browsers that should be considered for and that have just received good updates.


My choice as a standard two-month browser for Opera, Opera was updated today with a feature called Instant Search (Instant Search), shown in the following video:

To access it, just press Space (or click on the magnifying glass icon in the sidebar) for a search interface to overlay the site you are browsing and allow you to perform new searches without interrupting what you are doing.

Once inside that search interface, you can also press Tab to switch the navigation mode for your optimal open tabs for when you have several open at the same time.

In parallel to this update for Opera for desktops, the company also today announced a brand new mobile browser called Opera Touch. We will leave to go into details about it in a future opportunity, however, since for now it is only available for Android.


Created by Jon von Tetzchner, co-founder of Opera Software, the excellent Vivaldi also reached version 1.15 today.

Vivaldi 1.15

The update's new features include greater support for visual customization through themes, major improvements to favorites (bookmarks) with quick access through the menus, improvements in the capture of pages, improvements in the experience in full screen and corrections in the reproduction of audio.

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To you who have been ?stuck? in conventional browsers for years, I suggest giving them a chance. They are really very good. ?

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