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Motorola Moto Razr: Fold mechanism breaks after folding 27 thousand times

Moto Razr - After being folded by 27 thousand times folding mechanism presents problems (source: CNet)Moto Razr – After being folded by 27 thousand times folding mechanism presents problems (source: CNet)

Once again the CNet went into action and started his automatic machine responsible for testing foldable smartphones.

After testing the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which started to fail after being opened and closed more than 120 thousand times, it was the Motorola Razr, the foldable smartphone from Motorola.

The tests took place in the same way, the machine responsible for the test, opens and closes the smartphone automatically, without human interaction, until it presents some kind of problem.

During the test, there are pauses to check if the smartphone has any failure in use. The conclusion of the test carried out by the CNet team, using the "robot", carried out for almost four hours, resulted in the break of the Moto Razr hinge after 27 thousand actions of opening and closing, demonstrating that it is not even close to the durability of the corrected version of the Galaxy Fold that withstood the test more than 119 thousand times.

Obviously, this test, in itself, is imperfect. Since the bending action does this mechanically in the same way, in a controlled environment. This is even more worrying, since in real conditions, the hinge and display would suffer a greater variety of actions, and the presence of dust for example could worsen and further reduce the number of times that the Motorola foldable would open and close until some kind of problem to arise.

It took no more than four hours, or 27,000 folds, for the Motorola Razr to have problems with the folding mechanism. There were no problems with the screen, but the hinge broke in such a way that it prevented the smartphone from being closed, thus paralyzing the test. When you check the device more closely, you can see that part of the mechanism was no longer properly aligned within the smartphone's structure.

Testing the corrected version of the Galaxy Fold required 14 hours of testing. The smartphone could have been folded 119,380 times before half of the screen went black, therefore unusable.

Samsung at the time commented that the Galaxy Fold would resist up to 200,000 shares of opening and closing, indicating that this would be the equivalent of 5 years of normal use. If we take this into account, the Galaxy Fold would have a useful life of almost 3 years. If we take this same value into account for the Moto Razr, the Motorola foldable would have a service life of less than 7 months.

But this is just pure and cold mathematics, nothing guarantees that the reference used by Samsung can be used for a device not created by it. So Motorola must have its own numbers.

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