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Jony Ive talks about moving to Apple Park and about the “Apple Car”

In a recent interview, the emblematic Jony Ive talked to Financial Times about moving Ma's design team to the Apple Park, what is the true definition of Apple Watch and the prospects of a possible "Apple Car".

This was the second interview from Apple's design boss this month; a few days ago, we commented on his participation in the 25th anniversary celebration of the magazine WIRED.

The designer began by telling us about the move to Apple Park, the company's new campus that opened earlier this year. When asked about the delay in changing the design team, Ive blamed a large number of employees in that sector (only more than more than 9 thousand people).

It was not late, it was always scheduled to be at that time. When you're moving 9,000 people, you don't do that in one day. We are one of the last groups. It is a big and important event because it means leaving a stadium with decades of history, where we design and build the first prototypes. This is the stadium I came back to the day Steve died. It is the place where we discovered the iPhone and iPod.

With respect to Apple Watch, the executive was asked whether what best defines Ma's gadget is a ?very powerful computer? or a ?clock?. Personally, the answer to that question is more than clear and I would be surprised if he answered that the Apple Watch s a watch.

No, I think it (Apple Watch) is a very powerful computer, with a range of very sophisticated sensors that is attached to my wrist. This is neither very descriptive nor very useful. You and I share the same perspective and we had this same challenge with the product we call the iPhone. Clearly, the capacity of the iPhone extends far beyond the function of what we traditionally call the phone.

On the prospects of a likely "Apple Car", Ive was categorical in stating that it is important to work with the problems and challenges associated with any new product instead of talking about it and taking the risk of having the ideas and technologies copied.

We explore so many different thoughts and so many different technologies for products or services. Some companies use the fact that they are exploring many ideas as a public relations tool. If you are genuinely working on something, it is better to work on it and grapple with the associated problems and challenges instead of talking about it. It is important that this time of creation is ours, since after that point when they will be copied, that is what history suggests.

Is Apple facing a lot of these "challenges" with the development of its vehicle? Regardless, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo maintained his prediction that the ?Apple Car? should arrive between 2023 and 2025.

via MacRumors