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iPad Pro with Face ID can also be unlocked horizontally

When rumors about a possible iPad Pro with Face ID began to circulate, one of the biggest doubts surrounding the implementation of the biometric feature on the tablet was how the unlock would be done.

On the iPhone, the device must be in an upright position, that is, standing, so that Face ID recognizes the face of its owner. It is not a disaster, but everyone agrees that it would be better if the device also recognized faces in the horizontal position. Unlike iPhones, however, iPads are much more used in this position (when using the tablet with a Smart Keyboard, for example); it would be absurdly uncomfortable to have to rotate the iPad to be able to unlock it and then return to the original position.

Well, that fear everyone can lose now! Indications that the iPad Pro would support Face ID unlocking in both orientations have already circulated around, but now a confirmation has come.

Face ID on iPad

The developer Guilherme Rambo found references that speak exactly about it, as we can see in the image above. In it, we clearly see a message from Apple (in Portuguese, say), showing that Face ID recognizes faces with the iPad vertically or horizontally. Even so, the registration of the face itself must be done with the tablet vertically (which, at least for me, is far from a problem).

Debt duly remedied, we now have to wait to see if something in this sense will also be implemented in the iPhones XS, XS Max and XR it would be great to be able to unlock such devices also horizontally, as I mentioned above. Apple doesn?t much to implement new features like this in devices already released, but it doesn?t hurt to cheer ?