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In the United States, OS X Snow Leopard is still the most widely used operating system on Macs

Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8), Apple's current desktop operating system, was launched in July 2012. A Net Applications survey last January found that OS X 10.8 is already the most widely used among Macs. However, a Chitika study, done this week and focused on North America, brought a very different result.

Chitika Research - OS X distribution

According to her, Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6) is still the most used system, with 35.1% of the market. Lion (OS X 10.7) appears in second place, with 28%. Then comes the Mountain Lion, with 26.8%. The difference is quite large, as Net Applications data put Mountaion Lion with 32.1%, Snow Leopard with 29.2% and Lion with 28.3%.

While Net Applications measures the use of operating systems by tracking unique visitors on nearly 40,000 sites, Chitika compiles samples of hundreds of millions of ad impressions. In the case of this last study, the period analyzed was between 8 and 14 March.

The USA is still the main market for Apple and several companies in the sector, but the differences in the research prove: what happens there does not necessarily represent what we see in the world. At least not the most. Still, it is curious to see that Snow Leopard still has a very large user base, showing that many people were not happy with the direction of OS X.

Now hope that the future OS X 10.9, the first under the tutelage of Jony Ive (Apple design chief), is a positive unanimity, of course!

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