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HomePod is launched in Spain and Mexico; US sales weaken

Last month, we commented that sales of HomePod had stagnated in the USA and which, despite not being good news, is better than having reduced sales. Well, a month has passed and sales of Apple's smart speaker have gone down, as the Strategy Analytics.

According to a new survey by the firm, the smartspeaker most popular in the USA the Amazon Echo, which accounted for 23% in sales of all smart speakers sold in the country. Including all its models, Amazon is responsible for 63% of these devices in use, while Google is in second place with 17% and Apple in third, with 4%.

US smart speaker salesStrategy Analitycs data shows the 10 best-selling speakers in the US

Although HomePod has a small share of the global market, Strategy Analytics data from the past month indicated that Apple accounts for 70% of the small (but growing) smart speaker market that costs more than $ 200, in which the speaker da Ma surpasses some competitors like the Google Home Max.

As we said, the data is not surprising (even if negatively), since Amazon and Google devices have lower prices, ranging from $ 50 to $ 130, while the HomePod sells for $ 350 in the USA. The marketing game also influences this outcome: Apple has marketed HomePod as a speaker premium which also has a virtual assistant, instead of a personal assistant who also plays music.

The survey also found that there is plenty of space for other brands of smart speakers, considering that 54% of users surveyed said they would buy these devices only from Amazon, Google or Apple, leaving little less than the other half open to competitors like Bose, Samsung and Sonos.

HomePod launched in Spain and Mexico

Although HomePod's share of sales is not one of the largest in the United States, it is worth noting that the device arrived on the market very recently and is still expanding its share in other countries. This Friday, inclusive, Ma's smart speaker was launched in two new countries: Spain and Mexico. Until then, HomePod was sold only in Germany, Australia, Canada, the United States, France and the United Kingdom.

To celebrate the launch, Tim Cook (who is in tour Europe) met yesterday with Apple employees in Madrid to promote not only HomePod, but also the iPhone XR, which started to be sold today in several countries.

The music runs through our veins. Thank you for making the launch of HomePod in Spain more than special, @rosaliavt! Her phenomenal new album.

Our teams here in Madrid and around the world are preparing for the launch of the iPhone XR on Friday. Thanks for visiting, @rosaliavt!

There is still no information on possible future expansions of HomePod. In Spain, the HomePod sold for 350, while in Mexico the speaker costs MX $ 8 thousand.

via MacRumors, Cult of Mac