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Guide: what is the latest version of tvOS compatible with my Apple TV?

The ?active? life cycle of a Apple TV It is quite peculiar, not least because we are talking about a product that is outside the standard and does not receive annual updates nor does it actually have reason to receive it.

Still, it is also a product that has completely transformed itself from its first generation to not only in terms of hardware, but also of software. And it all comes to an end, one day: even the most powerful and resistant hardware will stop being updated by Apple, eventually being classified as classic or obsolete.

The idea of ??the table below is to survey the active life of each Apple TV already released, so that you can analyze Ma's longevity standards and, who knows, even make a better decision when choosing one. set-top box new especially if we're talking about a used device.

Our table will be updated whenever necessary (that is, whenever a new model of Apple TV is released or an entirely new version of tvOS is released), so the invitation is made for you to check this post again whenever you want.

ModelYear of ReleaseTV on LaunchLast TVOS Supported
Apple TV (original)2007Apple TV 1.0Apple TV 3.0.2
Apple TV (second generation)2010Apple TV 4.0Apple TV 6.2.1
Apple TV (third generation)2012Apple TV 5.0Apple TV 7.4
Apple TV (fourth generation)2015tvOS 9.0last available
Apple TV 4K2017tvOS 11.0last available

As you can see above, in the first generations the Apple TV operating system was different (not yet tvOS). It was an environment totally controlled by Apple, without support for apps developed by third parties.

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Enjoy! ?

last update: September 30, 2019.

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