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Facebook has its hacked Twitter account

Facebook has its hacked Twitter account

The OurMine hacking team, which last month hijacked the accounts of 15 NFL football teams, and previously took over Mark Zuckerberg's Pinterest and Twitter accounts, appears to have momentarily taken over @Facebook and @Messenger on Twitter, both verified on Facebook as their own accounts.

As with NFL accounts, hackers – whose methods are relatively unsophisticated – seem to have taken control of @Facebook through Khoros, a third-party social media platform popular with digital marketing and public relations companies. (Facebook's social media manager typically appears to use the Twitter web app to control the account.)

The tweets that declared the acquisition of OurMine disappeared in a few minutes. But the people at Gizmodo captured the tweet, see.

Capture shows the message from the hacker group that hacked Facebook account on TwitterCapture shows the message of the hacker group that hacked the Facebook account on Twitter (source: gizmodo)

OurMine is relatively relevant, mainly because it previously hacked into the accounts of several news organizations, such as CNN and the New York Times, in addition to several Silicon Valley CEOs, including Sundar Pichai, Google, and even Jack Dorsey, himself Twitter.

Enabling two-factor authentication (Settings> Account> Security) and disabling access to any third-party applications (Settings> Account> Applications and sessions) on Twitter is an infallible way to protect your account from this group of hackers, after all any type of attempted access with two-factor authentication you will always be warned.

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