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Eral FID Interactive's GRID game is now available for Macs

Game trailer.

Get ready for the race of your life with this mix of furious steering, stunning visuals and incredible speed. GRID takes you behind the wheel of the world's highest performing cars on the most spectacular tracks.

Run from the United States to Europe and Japan in a career that takes you from beginner to champion. With a damage model, adjustable difficulty level and convenient ?flashback? feature, GRID is a combination of inviting simulated realism and addictive arcade style.

Until then only available for Windows, GRID (from Feral Interactive) recently went on sale on the Mac App Store. Drive cars like Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, Lamborghini Murcielago R GT and Aston Martin DBR9, challenge friends in multiplayer mode and master different disciplines from drifting to demolition derby. But be careful, before buying, pay attention to the minimum requirements to run the game!

(tip from Rogerio Ribeiro)