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CES 2020: Oral-B presents iO, toothbrush with artificial intelligence

Oral-B is introducing iO, an electric toothbrush that relies on artificial intelligence to clean teeth. The new device had its details shared during CES 2020 and promises to improve this simple daily task. Oral-B is among the largest manufacturers of electric toothbrushes in the world and develops research in the area bringing innovations from time to time. The iO electric brush is an example of this and, according to the company, the result of six years of research with the involvement of about 1800 users.

According to the company, the great differential of its new toothbrush is in the movements of its tip, which brings oscillations and rotating movements, all of this combined with a magnetic mechanism. It also features a new pressure sensor, which helps to relieve the excess pressure placed against the gums and teeth with an improved response time. In this way, the user can use the ideal amount of strength during the task, something that helps to preserve the health not only of the teeth (which also suffer wear), but also of the gums, which are usually the most affected.

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Another differential point is that the brush is able to record the data of your brush and pass it to a cell phone application. Thus, it is possible to do a follow-up and training on how you have brushed your teeth. If you have used it too much, for example, it alerts you that it is necessary to make a correction in this habit. For those who are really interested in monitoring how they are brushing their teeth, it is possible to open the app while executing the movements, to see what the app has to say about its performance. There are also seven modes and a small panel on the brush handle, which are indicated according to each person's oral health. IO arrives on the market abroad until August 2020 and has yet to be revealed.

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