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CES 2020: LOral Perso gadget produces makeup in real time through app

Cosmetic manufacturer LOral today presented at CES 2020 the Persoyour new smart gadget that promises to produce in real time the ideal makeup for the user. The product connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and allows the lipstick and base tones to be determined according to your taste. The gadget can also create cosmetic mixtures with properties of skincare, who take care of the health of the skin after using beauty products.

With the Perso app, users are able to mix and match lipstick and base colors. The product uses artificial intelligence technology was demonstrated today at CES. The application can suggest colors and tones from an analysis of the user's skin by the smartphone camera, and can also indicate the latest trends for lipsticks, for example.

The Perso gadget app has several images already selected in its database to show the user the products most used by influencers and also in social media. According to LOral, users will be able to connect their social media accounts to the software once the product reaches the market.

In addition, the user can also view the pre-selected colors in himself due to the use of augmented reality in the app. Perso works with color cartridges, and can combine three cartridges to mix and get the desired color. It is clear that the cartridges must be changed after their full use.

The artificial intelligence of Perso by L'Oral uses the application's camera to scan the user's face from different angles. From this analysis, the gadget can create a facial treatment routine. Skin treatment cartridges, unlike lipstick and base cartridges, have SPF, moisturizer and serum. LOral Perso must hit the market in 2021.

Via: WccfTech. [TagsToTranslate] loreal