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Apple Watch Fall Detection Aids Rescue in Sweden

It was only a matter of time before the new features in the Apple Watch Series 4 responsible for transforming someone's life, helping people in times of need. As you may have noticed, the responsible resource at the time was Fall Detection, which allows the user to call an emergency service when they fall.

This functionality was fundamental for Gustavo Rodriguez (34 years old), who lives in Sweden. Last week, he suffered a discomfort in his back while cooking and fell on his kitchen floor, agonized by pain. According to Rodriguez, the feeling was that someone had stabbed him in the back, as reported by the magazine Aftonbladet.

Soon after falling, his Apple Watch acknowledged the fall and asked if he wanted to call the emergency service (112 in Sweden). Instead of calling the rescuers, Rodriguez said he tried to call his stepmother from the clock.

When he arrived at the scene, Rodriguez's stepmother asked for an ambulance, which took him to the hospital with severe pain. According to Rodriguez, it was not so long ago that he had bought the Apple Watch (which started selling at the end of last month); Obviously, he is very happy to have his watch on his wrist on the day of the accident.

Before I bought it, I thought the features were a fun trick. Now that you get used to them, you know that they are completely important.

Although Rodriguez did not use Drop Detection to make the emergency call, it is good to remember that if the person does not do anything for more than 15 seconds, the Apple Watch will automatically call local emergency services. The feature is disabled by default (except for people over 65), so it is necessary to activate it from the iPhone synchronized with the Watch.

Apple Watch Series 4 Fall Detection

The Apple Watch can also notify emergency services when the side button, below the Digital Crown, pressed for a few seconds. In the case of Apple Watch GPS models, these features require that the iPhone is close to the gadget, already in the GPS + Cellular model, it is possible to make these calls without the iPhone close by as long as the mobile network is activated in the watch, of course.

via 9to5Mac

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