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Apple to open first store in Bangkok; Stockholm promises to stop project

More news about the infamous stores Apple in different corners of the world have emerged in recent days. Shall we take a look at them?


Ma officially announced the opening of its first store in Thailand more precisely, in the capital Bangkok. THE Apple Iconsiam to be located in the new and modern shopping center of the same name, right in the heart of the city and with a stunning view of the Chao Phraya River. Check out the structure of Ma and the shopping center itself;

Apple Iconsiam, in Thailand

Apple Iconsiam, in Thailand

Apple Iconsiam to be officially opened on Saturday, day November 10 (one day after the opening of the shopping center), only 10am in the morning at the local time. It will have all the experiences recently introduced for the company's retail spaces, such as Today at Apple.

Apple Iconsiam Wallpaper for MacBook

As with recent openings in Japan, Apple made special wallpapers available to celebrate the opening of the new store. You can download them from the following links: MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones and iPads.


On the other side of the world, Apple is preparing for a reopening: on the November 3, a saturday, the Apple Southlake Town Square be reopened in the city of Southlake, at the Texas (USA).

The space closed for renovations in March and has since undergone profound changes, essentially, Apple demolished the entire original building, from 2006, and is finishing building a new store in its place. The idea, as in all other recent renovations, is to offer Ma's retail experiences in a more airy space, with the famous high-resolution canvas and decorative plants.

There are still no images of the new Apple Southlake Town Square, but the Storeteller published a surrender of the project a few months ago:

Apple Project Southlake, Texas

If the final result is similar to the projections, we will have a very pleasant store in the space.


While some projects come close to completion, others see the cat climb onto the roof. We recently commented here on the difficulties that Apple was facing to have approved plans for a new store in Stockholm (in Sweden). Now, the imbroglio has become even more complicated.

According to the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the new members of the Swedish capital city council, elected this month, promised to stop the Apple Kungstrdgrden, located in one of Stockholm's main squares. The opposite attitude to that presented by the legislators of the previous mandate, who were open to the possibility of building the store.

Project for Apple store in StockholmApple Project Kungstrdgrden

The discussion about the (perhaps not so much) possible Ma store is similar to the case that has been taking place in Melbourne (Australia): Stockholm citizens are concerned that a large space in one of the city's main living areas will be taken over by an operation private and retail. The Apple project would occupy a location where a TGI Fridays chain restaurant currently operates, but it would be much larger and would take more area of ??the square possibly blocking its northern entrance, as critics point out.

Apple did not comment on the decision of the Chamber and we do not know what the next step of the company will be. It can take a hard look at the project and appeal to higher levels or present new plans, changing the location of the store or simply giving up on the construction as a whole. Let's follow the next steps of this novel.


We have already talked about the reopening of the Apple Shibuyain the Japanese capital. It happened today (10/26), along with the launch of the iPhone XR. Now, we have photos of the new space, which has a vertical design (only three floors) and a beautiful helical stone staircase, adorned with curved glass railings and a molded handrail on the wall itself.

Apple Shibuya in TokyoPhoto: Youta Suzuki for the 9to5Mac
Staircase of Apple Shibuya, TokyoPhotograph: BRUTUS House

Apple Shibuya reopens on the 26th. The store has expanded from two to four floors (the latter will be reserved for space Boardroom, for businesses). The interior of the store is surrounded by well-lit glass, and the helical staircase on the inside has a powerful effect when you sneak up to the third floor. On the opening day, t-shirts will be distributed to those who arrive first at the store.

Interestingly, the new Apple Shibuya does not have an LED screen like all other spaces recently opened or reopened by Ma, probably for space reasons. This, of course, does not detract from the appeal of the beautiful store. Who wants to visit her? O/

via Cult of Mac; 9to5Mac: 1, 2, 3

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