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Android: more than 700 thousand new devices are activated per day

Andy Rubin, executive responsible for Android, has just announced through Twitter and Google+ that the Google operating system has reached a new record: more than 700 thousand new devices activated per day!

?For those who want to know, we count each device only once (that is, we do not count resold devices), and? activations ?means entering a store, buying a device, placing it on the network, subscribing to a wireless service?, said Rubin on his Google+ profile.

To have an idea of ??the growth of Android, Rubin had announced – exactly one year ago – a volume of 300 thousand activations per day. When compared to the most recent announcement, Android's sales volume more than doubled, showing that Google's strategy for the mobile world has been successful with the public.

June / 2010: 160 thousand activations.August / 2010: 200 thousand activations.December / 2010: 300 thousand activations.May / 2011: 400 thousand activations.June / 2011: 500 thousand activations.July / 2011: 550 thousand activations; December / 2011: 700 thousand activations.