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Anatel approves the iPhone XR

Preparing the ground for the start of sales of new iPhones in Brazil, the National Telecommunications Agency now approved the iPhone XR the iPhones XS and XS Max, as we have already informed, were approved days after the beginning of their sales in the United States and in some other countries / regions.

Here is the first page of the Homologation Certificate of the iPhone XR (model A2105, as expected):

Certificate of homologation of the iPhone XR

Along with it, Apple also requested the approval of five batteries used in the device. They are identified by the models 616-00470, 616-00471, 616-00524, 616-00468 and 616-00469 all with nominal capacity 2,942mAh and rated voltage of 3.79Vdc.

Here is one of the Certificates of Homologation of the batteries, as an example:

Certificate of homologation of one of the batteries of the iPhone XR

With that, only the release of the documentation related to the Apple Watch Series 4 that is already contained in watchOS 5 is missing, so it may not even be necessary to disclose everything on the Anatel website.

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