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Anatel approves Apple Watch Series 4 magnetic chargers

THE National Telecommunications Agency today released the approvals of four magnetic chargers from the Apple Watch Series 4 it is a sign that the watches themselves will soon be painted on Anatel's system.

According to the agency's documents, the models of registered chargers are: A1923, A2002, A2055 and A2056.

"Apple "Apple

Specifically, the models A1923 and A2055 correspond to the magnetic chargers with metallic finish of the stainless steel Apple Watch; however, the first refers to the charger with USB-A output and the second to the new watch cable with USB-C output.

Apple Watch Series 4 Magnetic Charger Approval

The model A2002 refers to the Apple Watch Series 4 magnetic charger used by Ma inside its official stores.

Apple Watch Series 4 Magnetic Charger Approval

Finally, the model A2056 is a magnetic charger with a plastic finish (identified as "Folio") of the aluminum Apple Watch Series 4. Despite the differences in finishes, all models are practically identical in terms of loading speed, including the USB-C version.

Along with the documents above, Anatel also shared photos of the units sent by Apple, the Technical Compliance Certificates for the accessories and the Apple Watch Series 4 charging manual.

"Apple "Apple

Example of certificate and external photos

Now, it is a matter of time before the new Apple Watch is approved by Anatel, leaving everything ready for his arrival on November 9th. ?

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