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Accompanying a revamped version of Gmail, Google Tasks gets dedicated app for iPhone

After several years, Google has started to release today a completely new version of Gmail with several new features in security and artificial intelligence. It was time!

Among them, there is a native integration with the Tasks (Tasks), who finally received the love he deserves and also won an iPhone app.

Google Tasks app icon: be productive

Yes, ?iPhone?: even arriving late, Google Tasks is still not a universal app, that is, it does not have an interface optimized for iPads.

Organize your life with Google Tasks. Manage, save and edit tasks anywhere and anytime with the sync feature on all your devices. Integration with Gmail and Google Calendar helps you do everything even faster.

Still, it offers a practical way for users to access and edit their tasks via mobile, with details, subtasks, email creation, due dates, notifications and more. The application already works with the Google Enterprise G Suite.

Obviously, Google Tasks is completely free.

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