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10 PC games that will consume your life

Many current games are designed to be played in short matches: fast encounters, developed for a world with few hours a day and many digital distractions. And that's fine! Enjoy some rounds in Overwatch or Rocket League matches are a great way to pass the time.

But every now and then, you want something more, say, juicy. Whether you are looking for fun to spend a long weekend or to dive into a complex and satisfying experience, these 10 great, deep and intricate PC games will keep you going for many, many hours.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Critically acclaimed, Rockstar Games' immense open world arrived on the PC after a long year of its console debut, but the wait was worth it. The ultimate way to play Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC, with many incredible options and graphics that can bring even a scary GeForce RTX 2080 Ti to its knees if you activate all the effects.

one of the longest games in recent times, further amplified by all the distractions. We were more fascinated just wandering around the countryside, hunting animals, buying shaving cream for Arthur Morgan's mustache and caring for the horse than for the story itself. Rockstar really built a living world, and you're going to want to get lost in it for a while – especially if you get carried away by the superb mode of photography.

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium how Planescape Tormentif Planescape put you in the place of an addicted amnesiac cop recovering from a tremendous hangover in the middle of a murder investigation. And, oh, your group was made up of voices and emotions screaming in your head instead of other people. And there was no combat.

Disco Elysium the most transformative RPG I've played in a long time. And even better, it changes around you, adapting to the skills you choose, the voices in your head that you decide to listen to, or whether you decide to not play fair or give in to the wild impulses suggested by these whispers. The sinister parade – much more than we can reveal here. more than you can take, too. The developers suggest that the game has between 60 and 90 hours of play, and it begs to be played again.

Now, if you prefer your RPG experiences with a more Fallout vibe than the Disco Elysium, check out The Outer Worlds, also known as the spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas you've always wanted. thymus.

Srie Yakuza

It took a long time, but the series Yakuza finally arrived on the PC – at least the first three games. a beautiful introduction, with over 100 hours of gameplay between Yakuza 0, Kiwami and Kiwami II.

a journey worth taking. Yakuza hesitates between silliness and soap opera with more grace than any other series, making you laugh right before punching you in the stomach. a fascinating dichotomy, and it only gets more interesting as you get to know Kazuma Kiryu, Majima and the rest of the growing cast of Yakuza. The city is also a character, with the piece of Tokyo where Kazuma lives evolving over the decades. New buildings appear, old buildings disappear, and sometimes Kiryu's actions leave marks that the city does not erase. It's an incredible saga, and I can't wait for Sega to bring the other games to the PC as well.

The Division 2

The Division it was not a very good game at launch. He got there eventually, but it took several years and a myriad of updates. So when Ubisoft announced a sequel, the question was, Are they going to do it right this time?

The answer is yes. The Division 2 still a game on the ground, and I am closer to the weird weapons and the space opera in Destiny. But if you like modern military realism, The Division 2 there's looting and shooting to keep you busy for days and days and days. Ending the story is just the beginning, as completing the campaign introduces a new facet and new subclasses for your character, and resets the progress of the world. And when you save Washington DC again, what happens? He resets again. And again. Ubisoft did this to keep you playing The Division 2 forever, if you like, in addition to introducing new endgame activities, including a raid for 8 people.

I would still like the serve to be more interesting than AK-47s and knee pads, but The Division 2 learned the lessons of his predecessor.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Dark Souls came to an end, but From Software is not finished yet. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice the first From game after the series Souls and in many ways, very similar. Sekiro it is also about decorating patterns, about relentless combat techniques and about advancing among a dozen smaller enemies just to be slaughtered by the boss again. The item descriptions still don't make much sense, and a statue sometimes makes the campfire. The fans of the series Souls you will feel at home.

But Sekiro different at important points. It is a more vertical (and mobile) game, which allows you to jump and use a hook to get around. It is worth noting, Sekiro encourages you to use stealth when possible, falling on enemies or stabbing them from the thickets to silently go through encounters. If you fail, you better be good at blocking. Dark Souls it was a dodge and roll game, but if you bet on that in Sekiro, you will lose. Defend your position, beat sword against sword and log to come out on top.

Total War: Three Kingdoms

It didn't seem possible that Creative Assembly could do a Total War historical with the same depth as his recent titles based on the fantasy series Warhammer. I would play anyway, because I started in Total War history and I'm a fan of those games. In Warhammer you play with dwarves, elves, vampires and other creatures, but we Total War the story about humans is realistic, and there is a limit to the creative freedom that can be used. I was expecting something like a redesigned version of Rome II, with some interface improvements and changes to the units.

Total War: Three Kingdoms much more than I thought. It is one of the best titles in the series, inspired by the period of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which makes each battle, each victory, achievement and diplomatic tension seem to have more meaning than in the past. How? Placing the characters at the center of each decision. This worked with XCOM, worked with Crusaders King II and now made Three Kingdoms an instant classic too.

But what if you are very keen on sending giant bats to fight a troop of dinosaurs? Those Total War: Warhammer we are also great.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 had a difficult start. The basic game was fun and addictive, but the content was shallow. Bungie's initial efforts to change that didn't quite work out, with Osris's Maldio and Public Mind expansions failing.

But in 2018, the Renegados expansion told a more engaging story than anything Destiny 2 he had done it so far, and once inside, it was easy to see how much Bungie had worked on the game since then. Weapons now appear with random attributes, the Crucible has been expanded to match 6 against 6, such powerful equipment has become easier to find every week. Things only improved from then on, with seasonal events adding new activities that give players more than enough reasons to keep coming back weekly.

Free from Activision, it looks like Bungie has finally managed to give Destiny 2 some longevity – and the expansion of Dark Fortress in 2019 and the game's arrival on Steam gave another big boost.

Final Fantasy XIV

I don't believe we got here. Before we forget: Final Fantasy XIV it was so bad when it was released that Square-Enix killed the game. Killed and buried. They rebuilt the game from scratch and launched Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

But from the ignible beginning the best MMORPG of the modern era was born. Perhaps more than that. According to our colleague Leif Johnson, There is no doubt that Final Fantasy XIV deserves to be included in discussions about which is the best Final Fantasy of all time. The catch? You need to invest at least 100 hours of play before reaching the best parts, going through six years of history and the mandatory grind. That is, the perfect game for this article, so what are you waiting for? Better to create your own cat-warrior soon and get started.

Anno 1800

Anno it's a series about supply chains and that hasn't changed in the 1800s. The only difference is that you're now doing it in the Victorian Era and building a transatlantic empire in the process. This brings all kinds of complications, slowly sending action to the colonies, which you use to build a distillery, and slowly sends the rum back to England in the hope that it will be enough for the citizens to calm down.

I'm simplifying things, since Anno 1800 there are dozens of different products that you can use to supply both the New and the Old World. Some farms, a factory – before you know it, you'll have a metropolis growing by the thousands, dozens of fishing grounds, breweries and, somehow, be without cigars again. Time to build another tobacco plantation. Or five. Oh, and it's only 3 in the morning and you should have gone to sleep hours ago. There is still time build another road, right?

Assassins Creed Odyssey

I thought that Assassins Creed: Origins it was huge but it came Assassins Creed Odyssey in 2018. A growing peak, Odyssey exchange the sands of Egypt for the rocky islands of the Greek archipelago. even more like Black Flag than its predecessor.

He also looks a lot like The Witcher 3, incredible as it seems. Odyssey it has dialogue trees and branched missions! Yes, a thinner version of The Witcher 3, but there's no denying that Ubisoft made ambitious choices to Assassins Creed the past few years and I'm curious to see where it goes with the next game in the series. Odyssey benefits from the typical post-launch content, with two expansions called Legacy of the Hidden Blade and Fate of Atlantis. If you are a fan of the series, only the title of the second already makes your heart race.

What if you, after more than 100 hours, finish all the official content? Ubisoft included some basic mission creation tools in Odyssey, which means that there is an almost infinite amount of content created by users tucked into every corner of this vast world.