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ZenDock is another stylish design for MacBook Pro owners who hate exposed cables

Remember the MacDock, which we talked about recently? Because he just painted a similar project on Kickstarter, but in my view even more elegant than him.

O ZenDock, created by Zenboxx.

ZenDock with MacBook Pro

With versions for traditional MacBooks Pro and with Retina display, the accessory fits perfectly on the side of the notebook and allows the user to hide all cables behind or under his desk. Both versions have three USB 3.0 ports and a MiniDisplay Port, as well as audio input and output; not for older MBPs, there is still a Gigabit Ethernet and a FireWire 800. The MagSafe adapter has a dedicated space in the corner of the main part.

Watch a promotional video of the project:

ZenDock barely made it to Kickstarter and has already surpassed $ 10,000 of the $ 40,000 needed to become a reality, with a full month to go. The minimum price is now $ 130 (plus $ 20 for international shipping), with limited units.

(via TNW)

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