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These are the official Galaxy S20 cases

These are the official Galaxy S20 cases

Thanks to the numerous leaks, we know almost everything about the Galaxy S20, Samsung's next top-of-the-line smartphone that will be announced on February 11 alongside its bigger brothers, the Galaxy S20 + and S20 Ultra.

Now, with a few days to go before the launch event, more details have emerged regarding the Galaxy S20. This time, we have images of the device's protective cases, showing all the options that will be offered by Samsung to future owners.

We can notice that there is a flip case that has a transparent strip on the right side, where the "Always-On" feature shows the watch and all notifications. Apparently, this accessory is made of fabric.

Another image reveals a flip case that features a digital watch when closed. At least four color options will be available: White, Gray, Baby Blue and Powder Pink. Finally, Samsung should also sell cases with LEDs and some made of leather.

Remembering that these accessories are intended for the Galaxy S20, but it is quite likely that the Galaxy S20 + and S20 Ultra will deliver the same options. With respect to prices, it is believed that "Soft Touch" cases will cost US $ 25 (R $ 106), while those with LEDs will cost around US $ 50 (R $ 213).

As expected, these values ??were not confirmed by Samsung, so we will have to wait for the event to arrive on February 11 to know the exact amount that Galaxy S20 owners will have to "shell out" to take home these protective cases. .


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