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Special event: “Today at Apple” sessions get news

Among the product presentations of the day, Apple made some important announcements related to its stores. With a focus on extolling the experiences of the ?Today at Apple, Angela Ahrendts (the company's retail business leader) made a general visit to the latest openings around the world, in addition to updates on its commitments to network renewals and sustainability.

With more than 70 thousand employees and 18 thousand customer sessions held each week, it is clear that Apple's focus with its stores will receive customers for great experiences, which has been successful, since the public is present in them of thousands of people. Ahrendts today announced the arrival of 60 new types of sessions on the calendar, covering a wide variety of recent topics added to the products.

Sessions vary between design activities, new iOS features (such as Siri Shortcuts) and open space for artists and creative professionals from all areas to showcase their work. There are labs for creative video editing, how to make photos more fun, a session on how to draw tree houses, a lab professional for those who want to edit with Final Cut Pro on Mac, another advanced one for audio editing in Logic Pro and much more.

To view the agenda available locally and make reservations, the starting point remains the Apple Store app (official and free). Unfortunately, local coverage is limited, but the company's store chain continues to grow: as we reported last week, Bangkok (Thailand) will receive its first unit on November 10th; in addition to this, Apple soon highlighted the opening of yet another store in Paris (France), on the iconic Champs-lyses avenue.

The two openings will join a list of more than 500 stores. All, according to Apple, operate with 100% renewable energy!

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