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Rumor: Apple wants to integrate its Maps and Siri into cars and would be proposing a redesign of the automotive console

Yesterday we talked about some rumors surrounding the arrival of iOS 7, but it seems that Apple wants to go beyond new features and a possible new look, also betting strongly on the expansion of its ecosystem.

One of the ways to do this is to approach other companies, deeply integrating their products / software / services with those of possible partners. This is exactly what she is proposing to some automakers, as informed by the 9to5Mac.

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<p>According to several people familiar with the initiative, Apple is working with automakers to incorporate its Maps and Siri into several cars. The idea that the thing is really integrated: no accessories or anything like that for the conversation between a <em>iGadget</em> and the car console happens. From what they say, Apple wants to change that by working on updated versions of central car consoles. These new consoles would have a native fit for an iPhone, for example, in addition to an optimized / redesigned version of Apple Maps, which will appear on the car's screen, in place of the automaker's GPS system.</p>
<p>The bold plan. It never hurts to remember that the Eyes-Free feature (an integration with Siri so that the driver does not have to look at the iPhone screen while driving, triggering the virtual assistant via a button on the steering wheel of the car) was announced at WWDC 2012, but still it did not work as it should today, ?only? General Motors, Hyundai, Honda, Ferrari and Volkswagen announced cars compatible with the feature.</p>
<p>But it does not hurt to hope that these plans get off the ground and that this integration reaches the cars sold in Brazil.</p>