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Reading tip: Meet photographer Peter Belanger, responsible for official images of several Apple products

The photographer Peter Belanger no stranger to us. It was he, for example, who made that fast-paced video that shows the production, production and editing of one of the magazine's covers Macworld highlighting the iPhone (at the time, 3GS).

Peter Belanger

Just don't stop there. Many of iProducts that we see on the Apple website were photographed by him. In an interview with The Verge, Belanger explained that the relationship with Ma started when he was still working freelancer for agencies that had Apple accounts. Over the years, however, many of the designers and producers of these agencies went to work for the Cupertino firm, and since he had a nice relationship with them, he remained in great demand.

He also described how to work for Apple:

The Apple team always has shot lists and sketches of what she needs very well defined. I work with their talented art director to turn these sketches into photos. We start by adjusting the position of the product and then move on to lighting. As Apple products have a very careful selection of materials, it is very important to illuminate them in a way that accurately shows the various materials. I start by focusing on a certain area and think about how that material needs to be described. Once that section is ready, I move on to the next one. why my sets they get so complicated! I need to have control under each surface so that when the client requests a bigger highlight (in a certain area), I can do it. It's similar to working in a Photoshop file: you don't do all your work in one layer. I think of my lights as layers that can be individually adjusted so that I have the desired results.

Peter Belanger holding an Apple display

Of course, in all work of this type there is a great post-production, but Belanger tries to do the most with his cameras. As a curiosity, here are the equipment and software that the photographer uses.

In studio, the chosen ones are: Phase One, Sinar X and Phase One 645. For external photos, it goes from Canon 5D Mark III. And if you had to choose only one lens, it would be 24-70mm, as you think it photographs well in different situations. Its lighting equipment is from Profoto and Broncolor. In the software area, he uses Aperture to convert RAW files and to save his files, Capture One for the first phase of RAW conversion, Photoshop, xScope, Evernote, Dropbox (to get rid of as many roles as possible) and Blinkbid (for budgets and notes).

For more details, be sure to read the full interview on The Verge.

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