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Netflix finally adds option to disable autoplay

Netflix finally adds option to disable autoplay

If there is something that has irritated you for a few years, it is the production banners that appear automatically on the Netflix homepage. Recently, the company finally announced the option to disable the display of these images.

It is now possible to disable not only the playback of images while browsing, but also the automatic command to start the next episode of a series. This last option, however, has been available since 2014. This way, the user will have more control over what he wants to see or not and at the same time the navigation will be more pleasant and efficient for not wasting time with images being reproduced. out of the blue.

Despite the addition of this new option, many still miss attending series openings. Often times the episode introductions show different scenes or the user simply wants to watch the thrill of seeing the scenes and listening to the music. Jess comments in response to the announcement made by Netflix on Twitter saying:

"I would also love an option to not see the" skip intro "button. The intro sets the mood and is an integral part of every show. Think about the Office theme. If everyone jumped, it wouldn't be as iconic as."

We hope that Netflix will hear more from users and make their platform even better so that we can watch our series and movies more comfortably. Be sure to check out our tutorial that shows you how to disable Netlfix autoplay here.

What did you think of the novelty and what is your experience with the streaming service? Comment below and share your opinion with us!

Source: TheVerge

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