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Netflix already has a solution to prevent automatic video playback

The communication was made through a tweet where Netflix shows that it is attentive to user feedback and that after many complaints about the automatic reproduction of trailers and clips, which make casual browsing through the contents frustrating, it already has a solution to disable the functionality. However, to get there, you will need to access your account through a browser – the option is not yet available in the respective apps.

To turn off autoplay you will need to access your Netflix account via the web, click on your profile photo and choose "profile management". Choose the profile where you want to disable automatic playback and, just below the options for personalizing your name, you can find a set of adjustment buttons for the automatic playback settings.

In this space, you can also disable the automatic playback of episodes, which prevents the platform from starting the next episode automatically as soon as the previous one ends. This option, however, is not new, having been available for some years.

New option that allows you to inhibit the automatic playback of trailers and clips when browsing the content menus. This way, you avoid starting a video when you are simply browsing to learn more about some series and movies. Note that if you disable the option in the browser, the change will apply to all other equipment.

Netflix warns that there may be a short delay between disabling autoplay and practical application. If you notice that this has not taken effect, try changing your profile momentarily.