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Motorola Razr couldn't resist being folded and unfolded more than 27,000 times by FoldBot

The retrofuturistic and folding version of the classic Razr from Motorola, which SAPO TEK has already tried at CES, recently arrived on the North American market and many are already wondering if the hinges and the smartphone screen are really durable. The smartphone passed the FoldBot test and the results were below expectations. Altogether, the Razr failed to fold and unfold more than 27,000 without beginning to show signs that its mechanisms were no longer functional.

Lenovo has made it known that it has tested more than 20 prototypes to ensure that the present mechanism works efficiently, and that the Razr does not have an empty space that accumulates dust or garbage when closed. However, the Chinese manufacturer has never revealed how many times the smartphone can be folded and unfolded before reaching the end of its useful life.

In the experiment carried out by CNET, in partnership with the North American SquareTrade, the creator of FoldBot, it was expected that the Motorola Razr would be able to be folded and unfolded at least 100,000 times. Even before, FoldBot had already tried to push the hinges and display of the Galaxy Fold to the limit, which survived about 120,000 folds before starting to show signs that it was no longer very functional. It is recalled that Samsung had guaranteed that movement could be made 200,000 times, that is, the user could open and close it 100 times a day for five years.

After four hours of dubbing, the Razr's hinge was already resisting movement. Although the smartphone was removed from the FoldBot momentarily to try to loosen the mechanism, the strategy did not pay off. The SquareTrade robot tried to bend the Razr, but the device's components had already crossed the limit of its durability.